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Bree Ponce De Leon

“Brieff is simple to use, and I love the accountability of the action items. I am grateful for the reminders as it helps me ensure I am being the best I can be for our clients”.

Navigating client accountability with Brieff

Propeller Advisory is an award-winning full-service accounting firm located in QLD, Australia. Bree Ponce De Leon, Head of Community, focuses on ensuring client happiness across bookkeeping, tax, and business advisory services.  

In a quest for a system that fostered accountability and maximised client engagement, Propeller Advisory turned to Brieff.

The challenge of keeping clients accountable between sessions

Propeller Advisory identified a gap in maintaining momentum and accountability between advisory meetings. Despite productive sessions, the time between meetings was not being fully utilised, leading to a disconnect in achieving action plans and KPIs.

Bree exclaims, “we were finding we had great meetings however the time in between each meeting was not being maximised to the fullest potential”.  

Choosing Brieff

Katie, the CEO of Propeller Advisory, discovered Brieff and was convinced of its potential to enhance their advisory sessions. The team quickly adopted Brieff's simple and efficient system, with Bree recognising its value in supporting client priorities. Bree says, “Brieff is our go-to application.  We now use this for all our advisory clients, and it has become a one-stop-shop for us”.

How Propeller Advisory use Brieff

Brieff has become integral to Propeller Advisory's operations, now used with all advisory clients as a central platform for managing action items and KPIs. Its reminder system has proven invaluable, ensuring that the team stays on track with client commitments. Bree notes, “the product’s main attraction for me are the action items and the constant reminders of upcoming tasks I have left to complete. As I am sure many would relate, life gets hectic, but Brieff allows me to remain on track with client tasks”.

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“Brieff has improved the client relationship with the offering. Most notably, the check-in questions about feeling and tracking have been great!”.

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“Brieff centralised our processes and has given our team structure to advisory services in terms of a routine of agenda setting and follow through”.

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