Structure your advisory.
Demonstrate value to clients.

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Trusted by and built alongside leading advisory firms
Grow advisory,
not the workload
Our platform has been built alongside the industry's leading accountants, and provides you with the structure and tools you need to deliver proactive advisory to more of your clients.
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The platform to unlock advisory

Structure your advisory
Spend more time helping clients and less time on administrative, repeatable tasks.
Empower your team
Let your team support your advisors by standardising delivery, centralising materials, and gaining visibility.
Highlight your value
Know exactly what your clients need and how they're feeling, and track every step of their goal-driven journey.
seamless client check-ins

Stay a step ahead

Easily create and send "Check-ins" to your clients to gain valuable insights ahead of your meetings.  Use Brieff’s question bank and templates, or create your own!

Powerful meeting workflows

Share the load

Unlock the power of teamwork to prepare, complete, and close your advisory meetings - all in Brieff! Dashboards, templates, agendas, notes, and one-click meeting summaries are just a few of the ways meeting workflows enable collaboration and consistency across your firm.

Client feeling and journey

Show your value

Use actions, key results, and goals to create a traceable and measurable journey for every client. Showcase achievements to demonstrate the value you drive through your services.


What our users are saying

"The traditional way of delivering advisory to clients can be ad hoc and senior team-heavy. Enter Brieff, allowing you to step into the future of advisory.
Brieff has helped to systemise our advisory offerings with scheduled client check-ins, helping to improve oversight and client relationships, build processes into regular advisory meetings (to allow team members at every level to be involved) with question stacks and customised agendas, and so much more. Everything you need for your advisory meetings all in one place (future and historic), we are ALL IN to that."
Aly Garrett
Founder, All In Advisory
"Before Brieff, our major pain points revolved around a lack of structure in meetings and scattered notes and actions. It felt like we were always playing catch-up, and we struggled to focus on what truly mattered to our clients.

What I appreciate the most about Brieff is its centralised platform that elegantly combines notes, actions, and pre-meeting check-ins. The pre-meeting check-ins have been game-changing; they allow us to customise advisory sessions based on what our clients actually need, making our service genuinely collaborative.

Since implementing Brieff, not only has our internal process improved dramatically, but we've also been able to deliver a much more tailored and impactful service to our clients."
Jason Robinson
Director, Future Advisory
"Prior to using Brieff, the open-ended nature of business advisory meant that our processes for delivering were subpar. Brieff has assisted us in creating some structure around advisory.  My favourite thing is the clarity I get from client check-ins that helps me guide the conversations into the areas that they find most valuable."
Chris Davey
Founder, Accountica

Structure your advisory.

Demonstrate value to clients.