Count Out Loud

Blake Jenkins

“Brieff has improved the client relationship with the offering. Most notably, the check-in questions about feeling and tracking have been great!”.

Delivering a consistent advisory offering with Brieff

Count Out Loud, a dynamic firm in the creative sector, recognised the need to enhance its advisory and client engagement processes.

Blake Jenkins, Associate Director, was looking to adopt new technology in order to systematise services, create internal operational efficiencies, and ultimately drive growth for the firm.

The challenge of a top-heavy and inconsistent delivery of advisory services

Count Out Loud struggled with its advisory services' top-heavy and inconsistent nature. The lack of documentation and centralised knowledge meant that client information was confined to individual team members, which made it hard to have consistent client management across the firm. Blake explains, “Previously, advisory services haven’t been well documented and left us with information in one person’s mind but not spread across the team working on a client from a holistic standpoint”.

Choosing Brieff

Blake chose Brieff for its comprehensive approach to advisory delivery, going beyond what tools like Typeform and Google Forms could offer. Blake says, “Brieff adds multiple different layers to the client and advisor experience,” allowing for a more tailored approach for each client while providing consistent structure across the firm.

How Count Out Loud use Brieff

With Brieff, Count Out Loud has significantly improved its preparation for client meetings.  Blake exclaims, “The check-in is invaluable as it gives us an insight into the client’s issues before the meeting, allowing us to adequately prepare so the clients get the most value”.  Additionally, action points with due dates, allocated between client and advisor, have streamlined communication and accountability. This has saved time and effort in follow-ups and eliminated confusion over responsibilities. Lastly, clients have indicated in their feedback that sessions are now more structured and focused, allowing for more efficient use of time and resources.

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