542 Partners

Stuart Brandman

“Brieff centralised our processes and has given our team structure to advisory services in terms of a routine of agenda setting and follow through”.

Transforming Advisory Services with Brieff

Standing out and delivering exceptional client experiences is paramount in the competitive accounting and advisory services landscape.

Stuart Brandman, Director of 542 Partners, recognised the need to evolve from traditional, static client engagement methods to a dynamic, interactive approach. Brieff has enabled 542 Partners to transform its advisory services and processes, enhancing client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The challenge of delivering advisory services without structure

Before integrating Brieff, 542 Partners relied on conventional Word documents for meeting agendas and needed an inbuilt follow-up or action item process. This traditional approach resulted in missed opportunities for client engagement and internal accountability, hindering the firm's ability to deliver proactive advisory services.

Choosing Brieff

The decision to adopt Brieff was driven by its innovative features that addressed the firm's challenges. Stuart says, “We love the action items and having the ability for both staff and clients to tick off their requirements and achieve some satisfaction. Additionally, the check-ins and the ability to gauge how clients are feeling is great – we love that there are emojis!”.

How 542 Partners use Brieff

Brieff's central platform transformed the agenda-setting and follow-through routine for 542 Partners, making it convenient for everyone involved throughout the service. Stuart says, “The best part is having a platform to share with clients and interact with that keeps everyone accountable.  I love how easy it is to use and monitor”.  

Customer Stories

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Count Out Loud

“Brieff has improved the client relationship with the offering. Most notably, the check-in questions about feeling and tracking have been great!”.

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Propeller Advisory

“Brieff is simple to use, and I love the accountability of the action items. I am grateful for the reminders as it helps me ensure I am being the best I can be for our clients”.

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